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  1. Basic Health Care, Hygiene, HIV/AIDS, Cholera, Malaria, etc;
    Basic Health Care, Hygiene, HIV/AIDS, Cholera, Malaria, etc;
    Many Children have been displaced and are in need of psychological and Medical care. Girls in particular have suffered exploitation and abuse and are victims of mass rape during armed attacks. Poverty and continued seperation of children from their families also contributed to the increase in the number of street children in need of Medical facilities, education, etc; The brutal rape and abuse of Girls during the war has brought about the increase of sicknesses like HIV, and lower the life expectancy, etc:
  2. Maternal and Child Health, Water & Hygiene, Malnutrition & Nutritional Programmes, etc;
    Maternal and Child Health, Water & Hygiene, Malnutrition & Nutritional Programmes, etc;
    Since Our took over on this Health Project, we have devoted so highly and sacrifice all Our Endeavours in making this dreams comes true. We are working strongly in providing qualified Professionals that can attend Our children in response services, also we have been working on pure water and hygiene, and to mentained nutritional programmes in actions. We have transformed also a standared basic maternity in various areas for safe delivery, and this can keep Our babies safe and good Health, The provision of nutritional effort has being introduced in years back as malnutrition is less within the past years as compared as today's date. etc;
  3. Food Security, Non-Prescription balance Deit for Babies, Vitamins & Soluable substances, etc:
    Food Security, Non-Prescription balance Deit for Babies, Vitamins & Soluable substances, etc:
    The Provisions of Basic Food and Security agenda is Paramount to Our kids at this moment of time. There are several families that can't afford a single meal for their babies, also the potentials need of Balance deit is abominable. So we are providing basic Food for this kids With Balance deit to keep in good form and standared basic life. Also the provision of Vitamins in all forms, are available for kids from zero month to 12 years. We are actually facing some obstacles in real times as certain chiefdoms or localities can't be Access as kids in this localities need help on Food and Medical service, we have to fight it in all cost to reach out this areas as they need our services most, we care for their kids as they are the best beneficiaries for us, etc:
  4. Disaster Risk Reduction, Disaster Relief Response, etc;
    Disaster Risk Reduction, Disaster Relief Response, etc;
    As a Charitable organisation, we do normally response to disaster which are Natural calamity, man made phenomenon, etc; Our activities is to render humanitarian relief services. We do response mutually to the most needy once as all calamities are the same. And in all disaster sometimes their might be several Deaths, Hunger, Displaced families, Medical attention, Migration, Common sicknesses, Rape & Sexual transmitted diseases, etc; Their are certain Challenges we normally confronted while executing duties, like working With other International NGO's, Local Groups/NGO's. Our best is to render what most is needed during occurency and we are always at Our climax to see all is well done in such occasions. etc;
  5. Rehabilitation & Reconstruction, Self help programmes for Youths, Volunteers, etc;
    Rehabilitation & Reconstruction, Self help programmes for Youths, Volunteers, etc;
    This area we do likely most as we need to rehabilitate structures like hospitals, Schools, Clinics, Pharmacies, etc; and the reconstruction of homes for displaced families, Orphan homes centres, Roads for easy access for Medical logistics- movement, and the reconstruction of bridges been destroyed during the war needs to put in place for easy access also for general services, etc;
  6. Your Donation is special for every single life you save a day is millions you have offered...
    Community Work & Volunteering, Environmental & Sanitation, etc;
    Community and Environmental work makes life safe and last longer With the treatment of Sanitation, bacterial dissemination, and pure environmental atmosphere tenders the best life in any vicinity. We do offer great concern about vicinities especially in the urban areas we do contend activities, this can keep Our beneficiaries safe and steady movement of life without any caurse. Volunteering is most adequate in these areas as everybody is willing to serve within his environment. etc;

Spread of Hepatits B & HIV: Support Children/Women; Project-(A)


Educating Marginalized children in making then who they are in the near future...


Basically in Sierra Leone  thousands of women and children are living with hepatitis B and HIV positive without the proper support of the entire Government. While mothers are passing this virus by birth to positive new born babies. Making hepatitis B and HIV free in Sierra Leone is not easy, and this makes it easier for the mission impossible by HDPSL. which can help through the support of their partners on medical services through medical centers and major hospitals in most lucrative areas of attractions. Children & women with hepatitis A, B, C; and HIV will be render free medical treatments, modern technology will be preserved for mere digital sensitisation and many more to make this process a success and beneficial to both parties, et
​Approximately in 2017, 5,000 new born babies were affected with HIV positive. And likely for sure everyday about 100 to 150 got contracted/infected with the virus mainly adolescent girls, and say for a week its might be 5 - 6000 will be affected. This is just a rough estimate within the whole country as per todays ratio on our data collection. The rates of HIV and hepatitis B is more to women than men through the statistics feasibility studies in the whole country. With support of this virus like HIV positive and hepatitis B; to both children and women, we need great assistance on health programs for all ages. And we are seeking partnership ventures Internationally, as we are ready to welcome any of our new partners, etc;
To measured but just few, the named Organization Health Development Project, Sierra Leone (HDPSL) will do all its best and sacrifices with the support of its partners to continue to provide support on this new born babies, adolescent girls, women, affected by this virus. With the provision of modern antenatal care services to HIV mothers, this will surely assured babies are delivered free of HIV or hepatitis B; negative. Also programs initiated for youths in building themselves confidence within their environment or society. Also again the frequent health check-ups and follow up affected victims with full access on their health issues and needs will also slow or decrease the spreading of the virus/disease, etc;
Long - term Impact:
Dearly the past years, the rates of both hepatitis B; and HIV has merely decreased to some extends. In eliminating both HIV and hepatitis B; is seriously devastating, however we need to pay attention to most affected victims and their chiefdoms. The ability of HIV positive parents and caregivers to care for their children is also impaired, as poverty induced by HIV/AIDS increases the risk of illness and death among children and can also affect children's childhood. Another factor again is HIV also impacted family relations and family economic situation. Indeed we can also say children's nutrition and health were also compromised. More over your presentation in donating a cent or dollar might save lives in this  perishing nation, indeed not only through your donation or health services given but also by empowering them through livelihoods groups and supporting programs. etc;

Environmental Boarding Homes/School for Children: Project-(B)

Victims of both Ebola, Mudslide & Civil war Children:
(They need Urgent help)

The Health Development Project (HDPSL) is about to initiates an enviromental School boarding homes for children of mudslide, Ebola and war ravaged children during the past 10yrs. civil war. It is certainty that this kids were neglected since they have lost both parents at hand, and we are making it as a dream comes true to educate this children and let then achieve their goals in the near future. As the project determined to improve basic modern toilets, water facilities, clinics within the campuses, modern Libraries, Dining halls, Classrooms with modern technology, Greenery, teachers training centers and Bogalows for staffs, etc; At the moment they are located on temporary buildings whicn are not really ideal to standard as within the atmospheric environ. etc;
Initially, life for these kids is so complicated and very tough for their standard of living or to express it more within mutual status their survival for a long span in life is too slim. Unfortunately, during the out brake of this epidermic - Ebola & natural disaster mudslide, that has left or devastated the country with more children as victims without parents. Some of this kids have being neglected by the Government and end up as street gangs, some as beggers to have a slump of food for the day, some being misused as domestic labour, etc; Under such circunstances, most of this kids are without education, health services, and as mensured earlier without places to reside for their daily day of living. As it is our duties in encompasing struggling lives to acheive their dreams, the HDPSL first priority is to creat healthy environment, propound education for this kids, etc; and try to make them recalled about their communities through communication once more with friends & relatives. etc;

As stated earlier, in rebuilding such facilities mentioned this needs to be addressed in their local communities, and also needs to be attentioned by the International humanitarian world/ partners for a dignified support in making this goals a success. In moral facts, their are merely 5,000 children within the 12 Districts who will be benefiting from this project. There is going to be such priority in classification within both boys and girls like toilets, bathing rooms, Gym sals, etc; in more over in making it proportional. In stationing to this homes or dometries, this kids can determine and understand that education is the key to their future and that can provide a better foundation for their future lives tomorrow. In conclusion to this, we need to forster the evidence of technology in the day to day learning by schools, education does not only stops after school but can be inspired again through certain resources like computers, laptops Ipads, etc;  through the help of the web and access these resources at any time. Also the focusing of recruiting training and supporting teachers, Making collaboration a priorty, also the sharing of data and the use of free digital tools, the use of social net-working sites, and the encouraging of researchers. etc;

Long- Term Impact:
The project will seek the schools and communities in support to improve the standard of school facilities and health care services, this can also empowered this kids as citizens. Its not also the skills that matters, but also the project can benefits the overall educational system and will contribute towards achieving sustainable development goals (SDG), in average of quality education and health care . Thousands of  this kids where displaced or being affected, but the project as lined them up to certain localities as temporary homes and will be discharging their dreams to them within the shortest possible means. etc;