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Our Aims are to provide Medical facilities for the provincial people, most especially the war displaced and Ebola victims. And by doing so we need to provide medical facilities to their various Chiefdom/localities. And by making this a success is to rehabilitate destroyed hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories, etc;

We need more support to boost our work on medical supplies and equipments, and we are dearly focusing also on transportation system for the easy access and flow of medical logistics, like ambulances to this regions which is a key effort to combat, minivans, motorbikes, bicycles, etc; 

Our aspiration is to look forward to a world where every child experiences life as a just course. Our transformation and development is a community based and sustainable focused especially on the needs of children. Promotion of justics that seeks changes to unjust structures affecting the poor among whom they work with.

We regard all people as created and loved by God. We prioritised people before money, structure, systems and other institutional  machinery. We are in accordance of respecting dignity, uniqueness and integrity to the poor, donors, our staff and their families, boards and volunteers, etc; as we celebrate the richness of diversity in human personality, culture and contribution. Our objectives are vast as we are committed to the poor/needy, we are stewards, we are partners, responsive and committed to all as we deserves your best in kind in the near future. etc; Make a change in the lives of this children, the needy as they need your help today.

Over a million that forced to flee during our sense civil war, many are now residing in cities, big towns, etc; which is more or less traumatic times or years in exile. We have tried the repatriations process but yet still more have to be done as we need partnership in combating this issues. Its not easy at all moving someone who has spent his life time in refugee status, moving those people needs reintegration for their repatriation to be in a sustainable entire life in future, their safety and a lasting solution. etc;
Education is a basic human right enriched since colonial era, and according to the conventional rights of a child education under Refugees Convention act in 1951. Its means alot, and its rather vital to our work at HDPSL (Health Development Project-Sierra Leone).

Ranging to our data statistics after the war, approximately over a million displaced Refugees, under our survey a thousand or so are school going age between 5 and 18. And access to education for this marginal groups is limited and over a thousand or more have no schools to go or attend. Half a million of the kids/children are not in primary school and half or more of a million displaced adolescents are not in secondary schools also, etc; 

Without education the entire generation is at trauma/risk, and in times of displacement, education is crucial and can prognate social abilities/cohesion, leads to psychosocial attention, and offers a stable environment for the needy who needs it most, and also help this people rebuild their localities/chiefdoms in a manner of sustainable life in the future, We are asking up for partnership with International donors, NGO's, in fighting this for our marginalised groups to make their dreams come true. etc;

This is a violation of human right that neglect human dignity of individual and lacks human development. In the other sense its an act of perpetration against a person's will that is based on gender and unequal terms of relationships. This can be a threat to violence and infliction, physical, emotional, psychological, sexual in nature, and can cause harm to both women, girls, men, etc;

In terms og violence, over half of the worlds's population is made up of children, and in violence cases of displacement children, youth are in danger of risk of various forms like abuse, seperation from their parents, violence, exploitation, trafficking, child soldiers, etc; We have assigned and committed to ensured these children for their safety, rights, support programmes to meet their needs or developmental aims, and we need changes to their lives as your support is essential..
  1. Esq. Jim Morrison
    President/CEO -Project Coordinator...Founder of the Health Development Project...
  2. Mrs. Fatma Bangs...
    Assit. Managing Director...
  3. Jack Ola Babatunde
    Regional Director-(North,South, & Eastern Province)