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A health body is a health Brain:
About Us...
HDPSL:- Is an International and Local NGO, which is a non-profit,
non-political and non-sectarian organization that provides Medical Support, Training staffs, Humanitarian needs/Emergency Response, Education, Enviromental, Disaster & Climate Change, Livelihood, Public Health, Shelter, Protection (Child & Youth Protection, Legal Protection, Sexual & Gender Based Protection), Coordinating Assistance, etc; to its citizens across the country as a whole (Sierra Leone). We further more on Vision and values, Structure and Funding, Our History, Presidents Page, Our Partners, Contact Us, & Donate to saves lives in a perishing nation. etc;
  1. Medical Donation.
  2. Title 4
  3. Food Security...
  4. Victims of Ebola...
- Internal Displaced population problems needs to be    addressed:
Refugees, Ebola child victims, Mudslide victims, Innovation, Education, Public Health, Shelter,Protection,
Returnees, Livelihood, Humanitarian Assit; Advocacy,-  Gender, Supply & Logistics, Sustainable Dev; etc;
Above all, needs to be attended as to keep their lives safe in there future forthcoming homes, etc;
For a few pennies a day, you could change the life of a child.  Your donation will help feed and clothe children in need.
Our scholarship program is designed to assist children in need of financial aid.  Scholarships will be used to further education.
The money you donate today will forever change the life of a child in need. 
We do carefully sacrifices everything you can suggest in life to make this organization a success and to render help to victims involved both at war and our Ebola/Mudslide tragedy. The Aims and Objectives in our dreams on making this a success is rendering medical facilities for the Provincial people, Education, and to make sure they returned back to their respective homes/localities. We have propounded in doing this like rehabilating destroyed hospital in various localities, Also the rebalitations of clinics, pharmacies, dispensaries, medical labouratories, & Schools. etc; and also to provided equipments needed to operate those hospitals, etc;

We are really focusing on major epics that are in need mostly, and our target aims goes to the elderly, children, destitudes, handicaps, women especially pregnant women with safe delivery, Orphans, etc; As mentioned earlier, we are facing obstacles for the people to returned back to their provinces, and in terms of logical reasons they need good medical facilities to assured them of safe medical services and not to get sick in the long run. So in terms of providing or donating your penny, cent, and more can change lives in this communities.

Since the peace deal with ECOWAS-(Economic Community of West African States), UN, and other International support is moving on to relief agencies to assist development and economic recovery. As Sierra Leoneans are now galvanising their lives through in order to resettle and rebuild their lives once again and to enable them enjoy the dividends of sustainable peace. The HDPSL is part of a resettlement program also, because after the 10 yrs. of civil war it has being devastating to the people and the economy, health improvement, education . etc; this will provide an extent conducive atmosphere  in which development will manifest itself, etc;
So in terms of effectiveness and sustainability, we need your cordiality in donating anything in making difference in the lives of this people.

The President's Page: 
We actually focuses on distributing medical supplies to the needy, Improve education, and returnees to have full medical services, Provide good water and sanitation & healthy environment, Provide well trained medical personnel, Child rights & equity, Emergency and Disaster Response, Gender equality, Health justics for children, Resilience and Livelihood Risk, Urban programmes, as relented to our stated visions; etc; 
Close to 40 per cent of the population developing in the country lived in extreme poverty only two decades ago. Since then, the country has halved extreme poverty, with the HDPSL Millennium Development Goals greatly contributing to this progress.  Recognizing the success of major projects, and the need to complete the job of eradicating poverty, the HDPSL adopted an ambitious 2025 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  At the same time, as climate change poses a growing challenge to the country’s development objectives, the HDPSL supported negotiations to adopt a meaningful and universal National climate agreement in 2030. etc; 

From the start in 2005, one of the main priorities of the HDPSL was to “achieve international co-operation in solving national problems of an economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian character and in promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion.”  Improving people’s well-being continues to be one of the main focuses of the HDPSL. The National understanding of development has changed over the years, and the country now have agreed that sustainable development – that promotes prosperity and economic opportunity, greater social well-being, and protection of the environment – offers the best path forward for improving the lives of people everywhere. etc;
Dr. Jim Morrison is the President of the Health Development Project-Sierra Leone (HDPSL), an International and National organ committed to a common humanitarian mission and vision.
It's an honour for me to lead such a wounderful foremost humanitarian organisation. I started my ball rolling as an humanitarian  volunteer since attending my high school and it was at the stage of the civil war when its just started, but unknowingly nobody thought it could have ride to a maximum peak as it was today as a history. I have developed myself alot on humanitarian skills, training and so on, etc; And my dreams was to operate one day as a personnel on humanitarian duties in helping my country people and Internationally.

Today we are operating in several Districts in the country. We cannot be put off by size, but its a great strength in tackling poverty's complex root causes. It is also rational for us to know our people from the grass level that this enables us to know them most and understand their wishes and the communities we serve. When we are really executing our duties we look and feel like a local NGO with the staffs who live in the community in sharing hopes and frustration of the people. As a result each year we bring success and transformation to thousands of marginalised people, accessing chiefdoms, villages, etc; that have never been access to medical facilities, education, no matter what ever regardless of religious tradition, our assistance is unconditional no matter what ever who you are.

With every child immunised, and every micro loan made and every teacher educated, our menbers can bring hope in a brighter future. And in this generation we are today, our responsibility is to do our best and with the many opportunities is to make a difference for people who have little voices in today's world especially women and children. So we do hope to call in partners, medical specialist, etc; we can make a difference in commiting  to help our perishing nation at this very moment, and they need it most to realise life with all its happiness, and that's our health development project we stand for, and thank you all for your cooperation...

​Esq. J. Morrison: CEO;

We are citizens and product of the said land Sierra Leone. We designed and focus our protocols activities as charitable and non-profit making organisation. We are also Philanthropics, and we formed this governed body after the war feeling for the hazard health situations, education, etc; that we have seen within our people. The appalling and pathetic health conditions of our people has moved us to sacrifice all our efforts to embark on such a project. etc;  
As mentioned earlier, the Health Development Project was formed just after our 10 years civil war in the country. As for me the President and CEO-Project Coordinator, I have seen war and I was in the country when it started and up to the first and second attacked by RUF. The first one was in January 6. 1999 when ECOMOG Intervened and drove the RUF living freetown in burning flames. As seeing the sorrows and tragedy that has taken place in my country since the war broke out from neighbouring country Liberia. It was classified as a political turmoil when we have the RUF, AFRC fighting against the Government. In deed some of us came by smiling furturn to travelled in europe and other part of the universe.

It was a thought steaming on goals and objectives after the war, Iwe decided to collaborate with other friends within europe, the USA, and other locations to boost up a comprehensive donations like what ever you can offer, like personal effect goods, money in cash as we propounded this to authorities within our countries we live in europe and we need an urgent help for our fellow citizens in Sierra Leone to recover their situations after the war. We got alot of stuffs donated by agencies, churches, and International NGO  within Europe and more, we decided to send this goods to displaced camps, hospitals, etc; but we could not ascertained if this goods goes to the right hands we need them for, so their comes our starting point of the project in campaigning for medical supplies and more, as we found out that medical services is needed most after the war and it needs attention and to be address immediately so their comes our forming of our Health Development Project for Sierrea Leone, and today is remarkable with hundreds of our beneficiaries with differ lives today. etc;